My Vision

When it comes to training and Nutrition my aim is to create over-all happiness, using functional movement to achieve muscular balance in a pain free, healthy body.

And of course enjoy the journey while doing it!

The Story

My physical training story is not like most in the fitness industry, it didn’t start for aesthetics. I have always trained with a purpose, to play sport, to join the military, to maintain a world famous level of fitness to be able to operate in any environment in the world at a moments notice.

Now I would be lying if I said I haven’t at any point been aesthetically driven with training but as a by-product of my normal training I have been able to maintain a fairly good physique all of my adult life.

I am however no cover model and have no plan to be! But what I do know is that I have a good level of all round strength and fitness that with a few little tweaks to my training depending on the challenge I am ready for anything!

It is this ethos that I try to promote. That if you take care of and build great foundations, your health, body composition and results will take care of themselves.

My other big belief is that there’s more to life than the gym. I know what you are thinking, is this really a coach writing this!?

I believe that physical strength and conditioning is essential however life shouldn’t revolve around it. Finding adventure, enjoying life with loved ones and family is just as important, as that is what takes care of your strongest muscle…your mind!!

The Commando slogan is “it’s a state of mind” and developing a positive mindset is just as important as the physical training. This is something I promote not only with my one to one coaching clients but with my online community.


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