About Nathan

Nathan Wood is a Former Royal Marines Commando turned Strength Coach and Performance Nutritionist.

About Nathan

Nathan has a wealth of knowledge, working with a broad spectrum of clients from Team GB Triathletes, ultra endurance athletes to every day gym goers ranging from 16-70 years of age.

Nathan also has a deep background of military based knowledge and training, which in his eyes is a hybrid of all fitness styles. You need to be strong, powerful, agile and have great aerobic capacity and endurance to be able to soldier at the highest level.

Most of Nathan’s early experience comes from his time serving as an Elite Royal Marines Commando.

After Passing out of what is known as the longest and hardest basic military training in the world, Nathan then went on to learn to soldier and survive in many different environments ranging from mountain and cold weather to the desert.

Nathan Wood


It was during his time serving on operations in Afghanistan that Nathan started to look a lot deeper into his training and nutrition.

When you work in different environments all over the world, most of the time on rations, with the added extra of cold/heat you have to work hard to maintain your strength, size and fitness levels while conducting your role as a soldier.

It was during these times that Nathan’s passion for training and nutrition really grew.


For the last couple of years of Nathan’s career, he was based at the Commando Training Centre where he would be leading a team, working with potential recruits as well as elite sports teams such as Wigan Warriors Rugby Club helping develop them not just physically but mentally using the techniques of the Royal Marines that have earn’t  them their world famous reputation.

It was during this time that Nathan decided that he wanted to take his knowledge and bring it into the civilian fitness industry to help as many people as he could in the same way he had been doing while in the military.


Since leaving Nathan has gone on to open his own private training facility in Hertfordshire with a broad spectrum of clients and an over subscribed client base which now boasts a waiting list.

Nathan is forever looking to improve and grow as a coach, taking various courses such as the post graduate ISSN (international society of sports nutrition) diploma, various strength & conditioning, olympic weightlifting qualifications governed by BWLA (British weightlifting association)  and even taking part in martial arts.

His belief is that he will never stop growing and learning as a coach or a practitioner.


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